Exploring Energy Work

I began taking healing courses in the early 1980’s. At the time the practice of Therapeutic Touch (TT) was growing in popularity and was embraced by the nursing profession. I took a form of hands off healing akin to TT through the Washington Psychic Institute now offered through the Church of Divine Man. Later I took Reiki classes from Reiki Master – Phylis Victory.

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I view energy work as a way of connecting with another person’s  grid or “Matrix” that I believe we are all imbued with. When working on people I have often seen a grid of energy bars that the person’s is supported on.  I  understand it to be the fabric that underlies the human/earth experience. Out of regular sight but visible on the etheric level.

Vitalism is a philosophical and former scientific field that posited that a primal energy is inherent in all living things. I resonate with Vitalism’s basic premise that there is a force or energy (hello Star Wars! ) flowing through all the living beings on earth. Personally – I think inanimate objects possess an energy too but Vitalism was focused on the animate.  The formal scientific community moved away from Vitalism research in the 1800’s. Some scientists moved away from using the term Vitalism but still perceived a complex force was active in living beings that was beyond mechanistic models of life and beyond normal sight. These led to new theories of complexity like Quantum Physics.

Neil Bohr, Walter Elasser and others kept the discussion in their research.  More recently physicist such as The Fundamental Fysiks group continued it.

I have had experiences when participating in energy work that are vision like in their nature yet I believe to be real – so I ignore the skeptics and continue exploring. I am not preaching – just exploring. Open.

When I do energy work I “see” as if I am at several levels of being at once. I see the physical world. There is the person, their body and my hands give comfort. Then on a whole other level I see densities in their holographic like grid/matrix. I at times feel I am with the person out of time and space – yes like we are suspended in a space of gold grids and energetic flow. There are books on these subjects now like Michael Talbots’s  The Holographic Universe. When I began there were few.

Outside of the classes I have taken most of my learning has been experiential. I seem to have an experience then find a validation of the experience after. All quite fascinating.

Just Sharing …


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